Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ann and Freddy

So the past week I went to go on my rural home stay. Which involves living Mukono the village I currently live in and drive about four hours into the country to stay with two strangers I have never meet. My rural home stay was an adventures one to say the least. I arrived in the beautiful rolling hills of Kaptarwa on Friday night to be meet by my 5 little brothers and beautiful mother. The night constited of dance parties, crazy pictures, and looking through magizens. On Saturday i spent the majority of the day picking coffee and with Ann my mohter. Ann is a wonderful woman of God, she is what you would general describe as a Proverbs woman. As I watched Ann pick coffee, feed her children, and work i was amazed by her joy, completness, and beauty she radiated. I spent hours just watching Ann work, this is a woman with five BOYS and yet she had the most peace I have ever seen. She woke up at five in the morning every more to pick coffee and then went to school to teach for up to 10 hours, and then she came home and cooked dinner for all of us. Throughout the week I continued to watch Ann while also feeling drawn to her beauty, I desired deeply to share in her beauty and love. God taught me so much through Ann about what it means to be a woman of God. My 5 brothers were wonderful, on Sunday they took me on a "hike" which involved going through caves, climbing a hill that was made of pure mud, and running under a waterfall, all while being barefoot. It was fantastic and I was greatful for their adventures spirits. However on Monday my week changed, before going on rural home stays I had a bad cold, not wanting to be left behind i simple ignored the cold. However on Monday I woke up with a terrible ear ache. My father Freddy who was worried about me called my supervisors, they came and brought me ear drops. That night I did not sleep at all because I was in so much pain, I had taken many drugs to help with the pain but they seemed unable to work. On Tuesday I called my supervisor and told them i was in great pain, they came around noon to take me to the hospital that was about an hourand a half away. We we finally got to the hospital i was struggling not to cry from the pain. When we went to see the doctor he told us that he was not avaible until six p.m. Thus for the next four hours i sat in a resturant hugging a pillow and praying that the drugs would help with the pain, but side note i got ice cream out of it. My superivisor seeing that i was in intense pain called another doctor I was able to go to him. He told me that my ear drum burst and that everything would be fine, I wanted to hug him. He gave me drugs and the pain soon ended. For the rest of the week my pain continued to have pain but it was minimual, however me ear did start to leak blood and crazy liquid. When I came back from rural homestay I went to a doctor in town and found out that my ear was in worse condition than i thought. I have gone to the hospital everyday this week and magically also caught pink eye in both eyes, oh and i also have a cold. So needless to say I am one draing machine. On Monday of this week i am pretty sure i was ready to just give up and say take me home, but i thought back to when i was in rural home stay and Ann and Freddy prayed for me. In the time were i was in the most pain, Ann and Freddy brought me hot towels to put on my ear and reduce my fever, they prayed for me and told me it would be ok. The comforted me and reminded me that in all things God works. This week has been a long week of pain, annoyance, and upsets but my ear is healing and my eyes are clearing up. Sometimes I feel like Helen Keller, since my hearing and eye sight are not back yet but I am still living and happy. Thanks for all your prayers and concerns, pray that my ear will heal quickly and that God will give me patience to continue on this trip He is leading me...

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