Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Weeds

So lately i have been having some trouble finding some quiet time, which is actually a big problem for me. I am one of those people who tend to do a million things and I never sit down to listen to what God has been telling me. I have been noticing in the past week or two that my irritation level and frustration has increased dramatically, the source of this my lack of being quiet. Rather than taking the time to go for a walk or sit down for ten or twenty minutes and just pray for people and my time here, I spend it getting frustrated and angry at people. I spend an hour complaining about my homework load, or how i miss my friends. I forget that the reason I am feeling this way is because I fail to come and meet with God, I fail to tell Him my frustrations and worries, rather I tell others around me who lack the understanding and wisdom He has. Satan is great at getting me in this trap, he drags me into do more homework, talking with friends, and avoiding what I really desire and thirst for some alone time with my Father. However the other day, Satan did not win in this process. I decided to leave school early and head home for an omelet and some tea, I planned on going for a walk of sitting in my room before my two little brothers came home, there is no silence when they are home. When I got home I had skipped the omelet and tea and went directly on my walk. As I viewed the beautiful mountains and hills around me, I stopped to think about how many times a day I walk this path and yet each time I am to busy to even notice the beauty around me...needless to say I was kicking myself. Well I found a cute rock that overlooked the whole valley so I decided to sit there for a while and just think and pray. However while praying I kept getting distracted by two weeds in front of me. The first weed was bent down in a humble manner over top a smaller weed. The first weed was soft and calming looking. On the other hand the smaller weed stood straight and firm. As I sat there watching the weeds I began to notice how the strong weed was so firm in its ways it would not bend or move to the other humble weed. It was so defiant and proud. I began examine my life, how often is God bending down reaching out for me. He is trying so hard to talk and help me, but instead I think I am strong enough to handle the wind on my own. I stand firm and proud, never letting my guard down. It is amazing how two simple weeds can make you realize what a jerk you are. As I walked back to my house I felt ashamed that I had been so prideful and rude to God, how dare I act like such a brat in front of Him. I realized as i sat watching those weeds, how badly I need to shut up and be quiet sometimes... so if you would please pray that I would make the effort to be quiet and listen to the still, small whisper of God. How dearly I need to hear His voice... thanks for all your you

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