Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ten days from now I will be leaving for 4 months in I have always wanted to go to Africa and can't believe that God has been so gracious in allowing me to spend a whole semester there... but lately as I fill out paperwork, buy different items I need for my trip there, and pack for what seems like the tenth time, I wonder am I ready? Sure I have everything I could possible need and more material wise for my trip, but what about my heart, is it ready for what is going to happen? What about my eyes, am I ready to see the hurt, pain, and joy of those who live in places and areas that I would have never dreamed of even stepping foot in. And what about my ears are they ready to hear the sound of people rejoicing and singing on the top of their lungs to God about how wonderful He is, when I sit here and complain about the little things in my life that I take for granted. To tell you the truth I am not ready and that makes me upset and sad, I want to be used SO bad by God, I truly want to serve Him whole-heartedly down there, but that means nothing if I am not ready to serve Him. So for the next ten days I am going to pray that God would prepare me in His way for the time I will be spending in Uganda.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The New Beginning...

Tomorrow will be a day filled with ambiguous emotions. While I am extremely excited to see my family, who I have not seen since Christmas, I am also so sad to say goodbye to the amazing friends I have made this summer. Sometimes I wish I could have everything... Uganda, friends, family, Bethel... I know that God wants me in Uganda and my time there will be life changing. Don't get me wrong I can not wait, but at the same time I dread leaving my friends and family, the very people who make me laugh, challenge me, build me up, encourage me, and push me... I think what makes it so hard is knowing that I have a groups of amazing friends and family who I know and can count on to pray for me while I am in Uganda. Every time I think about this I just want to cry. What else could I ask for, my friends and family mean the world to me and without them I could not make this trip. So even though I am sad to leave them, I know that they are always there for me and God has amazing plans in store for my time in Uganda... I need to be willing to be pushed, pulled, and broken all for His sake... Man I hope I am ready for this... Thank you for all your support and prayers... they mean the world and more to me... love you