Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prayer Request

Hello to everyone back home who is praying and have been praying faithfully for me in these last couple of months. I just want to share a conviction God has been laying on my heart this week. Since being here in Uganda my relationship with Christ has grown greatly but at the same time i feel disconnected and distracted. With only about 5 weeks remain in my stay here in Uganda I want to make this time the most beneficial, rather than focusing on going home. Lately God has been showing me all the things and possessions I can live without and do not need. This week God has been convicting me to do something about these lessons and my remain time. I have been trying to figure out how I can spend this time to focus on God and prepare myself for the transition home. After talking with a friend, I feel that God has been calling me to fast, don't worry in a health manner. Therefore for my remain time here, I am going to fast for many reasons. One to help me focus on living in the here and now, while in Uganda. Next, to prepare myself for the many changes and challenges that God is going to be doing in me when I return home. Next to discipline myself in being more connected and more desiring of God and His will for my life and time here. I am writing this blog as a means to ask those of you back home to help me in this process. I want this fast to be a meaningful time, therefore i am asking for your prayers, encouragement, and strength during this time. With my remain time here I am going to seek to bring God the glory in honor, so during your meal times i would ask that you would pray for me and that God would reveal His purpose and plan for my life. God has definitely been using this time to change my perspective of my life. I pray that during this time God would reveal His plan for my life in the next semester and coming summer. Again thanks for all your prayers and support, i look forward to seeing you all very soon. Love Kaitlin

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